Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making a Clipper-colorful difference

I don't know about the rest of you, but using my CLIPPER card instead of the colorful monthly MUNI transfers, was a difficult pill to swallow. Design wise: what design? Where's the attention to detail? The well balanced composition? The (gulp) font? Avant-Garde in 2011? I don't think so. Decided it was up to me to make this daily item more to my taste. After all, I'm paying for it. I have seldom purchased anything that was colorless. Even my monthly Burgermeister hamburger is prettier to look at than a CLIPPER card. And if, I should loose it one day, I hope it falls into the hands of a person who could really use some color and «happy» fonts that day. Would YOU like to have a personalized-decoupaged CLIPPER card from Mrs Claypool?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

« MultiSLACKER »

MultiSLACKER is one who is engaged to multi projects, all of which are: behind schedule, out of scope, and/or over budget. Yup - - that is what I have been going through for couple of weeks. Ok, ok... for a couple of MONTHS. My list of to-dos is on its way of becoming a paperback. That's what happens when you live in San Francisco. EVERYTHING is inspiring, EVERYONE is fascinating. Everyday I click on my blog and get: stage fright. Find something eXtRaordinary to blog about. Background soundtrack of crickets on a summer night. Result: Um, yeah, I must go re-arrange my sock drawer by color right now. I will blog later...
Here is the background music I was listening to when I wrote this. It's pretty, it's French, it's about a musician who has stage fright. Enjoy! The background font of the illustration is in University Roman...