Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rebranding the right way

After yesterday's rant about GAP's logo gone wrong, today I needed to show an example of rebranding...gone good! Andronico's is my local supermarket. I was never a fan of their original logo (on the left) but was pleased to notice their new version. The new logo is both minimalist and elegant and has an overall upscale look. It displays the content artistically. Colorful and youthful icon with a timeless choice of font. C'est tout!


  1. I agree. I saw this the other day when I went in to buy something. They're also carefully sidestepping the "chain store" issue by rebranding as community markets, which is fine by me. I know they are remodeling the store now that the bank has been cleared out of the building on Irving.

  2. The new logo also gives more information - I think the tree gives a hint that they're a natural or organic-style grocery store.